Weekly Classes

Build strength, flexibly, muscle control, posture and balance in a fun and supportive atmosphere! Learn to move your body in a new way – gain control of muscles and challenge your mind. Each class includes a warm up, muscle isolation, practice and cool down. Student performance opportunities are arranged periodically throughout the year.

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Intro to Jamila Format

Learn the basics of finger cymbals and named belly dance steps as defined by Jamila Salimpour.  Stacey breaks down isolation technique and it’s direct application to families of steps that are used as building blocks for combos and choreography.  This style of belly dance helps develop footwork, timing, transitions, and powerful hip work!  No previous experience required.  Experienced students are encouraged to bring finger cymbals as an addition to their practice.  To learn more about Jamila, please visit http://www.salimpourschool.com/legacy/jamila/.

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Bellydance Foundations (Level I – 1 CEC)

A solid foundation in technique is essential for any style of bellydance.  Learn the mechanics muscular isolation, timing, and footwork based on Suhaila Salimpour’s technique format (Level 1).  Class includes warm up, isolation breakdown and drills, and dance patterns to common Middle Eastern rhythms.  Students typically repeat the Foundations series and/or add on other classes to progress into more advanced work.  All ages, shapes, and dance backgrounds welcome.    “Dancers are made, not born.” – Baryshnikov

  • Beginner 8 week series
  • Thursday 6:15 – 7:15pm
  • Rose Movement Studio, 2015 E Riverside Dr., Austin TX
  • $100 series / $15 drop in

Bellydance – Level II (1 CEC)

With a foundation established, this class offers students more advanced technique and movement patterns. Each class includes a warm up, technique drills with optional layering, and dance combinations or exercises.  Bring your finger cymbals.

  • Intermediate / Advanced 8 week series
  • Thursday 7:25 – 8:25pm
  • Rose Movement Studio, 2015 E Riverside Dr., Austin TX
  • $100 series / $15 drop in

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Thursday Series Payment and Attendance Policy:

Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. New students are only accepted generally at the start of each series. Full payment is due before the first class start time. There are no prorates, refunds, credits or make-ups for missed classes.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch and move in… anything you would wear to a Yoga or Jazz class would be appropriate. Please, no coined or beaded hip scarves. Bare feet are required, but ballet slippers or jazz shoes are also acceptable.

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