Salimpour Certification Workshops

Salimpour School of Dance (SSD) Certification Program
in Austin, TX with Suhaila Salimpour

More opportunities for training and inspiration… now the Suhaila Certification Program is available in Austin, TX!  This training is valid for ANY dancer interested in pursuing ongoing growth in their dance technique and artistry.  Workshops will be held annually in Austin, with content either on Jamila stylization and/or Suhaila technique formats.   Visit for further details about the Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance.

Balance Dance Studio (
4544 South Lamar, Austin, TX

Networking:  Need to share a room or a ride, or have questions about the upcoming workshop?  Join us on Facebook in the “Suhaila Certification Program in Austin, TX” group.

Aug 31 – Sept 3, 2018: Suhaila Level II  (25 hrs)

Requires current certification in Suhaila Level 1 formats.

Registration and pricing TBA November 2017


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