Frequently Asked Questions

What music do you recommend?

See the MUSIC page for a list of some of Stacey’s favorite class and performance music selections.

Which class is right for me?

If you have no experience with belly dance or with Suhaila or Jamila Salimpour formats, then the Foundations class is a good choice.  Read more about the Salimpours.  Students are encouraged to repeat the Foundations classes as many times as needed to gain mastery of material before moving into the Intermediate/Advanced levels.

Are there any fitness level (or age, size, etc.) prerequisites for your classes?

Classes are comprised of students of varying age, fitness level and dance experience.  There are no prerequisites to attend a beginner class.  Movements and exercises can be modified to accommodate individual challenges or issues.  Everyone has a boundary to push through, whether it be physical strength, flexibility, footwork or muscle coordination.  The most important thing is to remember to keep a good attitude and remember that dance takes time, patience and persistence (like so many things in life).

What style do you teach?

Class technique is based on the Suhaila Salimpour format, which means (in part) that movements are explained and executed from a muscular perspective.  The focus is on executing hip and torso movements in isolation from footwork, arm work, body line and weight placement.  Drills build muscle memory and challenge conscious and unconscious movement patterns.  The ultimate goal is purposeful movements that can be layered independently or simultaneously based on the dancers personal choice of expression in connection with the music.  Technique can be applied to any style of belly dance, and the goal is for each dancer to find her own voice and freedom within the belly dance framework.

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